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One of our top selling products is our Defining Gel.  It is a daily body contouring gel lotion designed to be used up to twice daily to tone, firm and soften skin all over. When used regularly it minimizes appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.  The defining gel helps to hydrate while regaining your natural body contours.  
The defining gel helps boost the result that can be achieved with the Ultimate Body wrap.  You can use this product on non-wrap days to help enhance, maintain and maximize results obtained.  


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Can the Defining Gel be used alone or does it have to be used in conjunction with the wraps?
While the defining gel pairs great with with the Ultimate Body Applicator, it can be incorporated into your daily beauty regimen whether you use the body wraps or not. However your body will achieve maximum results when you team up these two amazing products.

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